Thursday, 24 July 2014

5 tips to care for young skin

5 tips to care for young skin
The young fur show an elasticity and a really enviable texture. But beware! That does not mean you do not need to care for your skin to keep it forever young and healthy by opting for a poor diet and cosmetics not recommended. Moreover, youthful skin is not young forever.
The solution is simple: 5 tips for caring for young skin very easy to follow that now you propose to use in your daily care. Remember to be cautious, within a few years can make a difference.


Personally, I know how stressful it is to remove all makeup after a long holiday or shortly after their daily routine. But this should be done, not to let all clogged skin pores and preventblackheads and acne . My recommendation is to use a cream cleanser, not oil. Slowly remove all makeup with a small cotton seeking to remove eye shadow, mascara and foundation.

Tonic for the skin

Then you should apply a tonic for the skin. This product is responsible for removing all unwanted dirt. The application form is the same; grab some cotton, spread the tonic over face and then rinse with water. You will notice that the cotton will get dirty, but do not worry. Are the nasties that cotton removed from his face.

Cleaning with water

This is one of my most important advice, you all know how important it is to freshen the face, especially in the morning is. Look then wash your face with plenty of water upon awakening to give vitality and freshness needed to start the radiant day.

Face cream

Another of the most fundamental steps in a good skincare routine for young skin is the use of moisturizers. Can be nocturnal or diurnal creams it does not matter. Since that hydrates the skin.

Good Nutrition

We are what we eat, and poor diet is reflected in all parts of our body. The skin, the hairThe lips throughout the health. Anyway, always remember to eat lots of fruits and vegetables, foods rich in fiber, vitamins and minerals. I advise you incorporate a good feeding routine in your life to notice good changes.


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