Thursday, 22 May 2014

Tips for caring for curly hair

Tips for caring for curly hair
The Hair Wavy has its own style, very provocative and daring, and it's just a matter of knowing how to care for curly hair and makes them even more beautiful. For this, we invite you to read theseTips for caring for curly hair .

Wet hair

Prior to tame her curly hair, the first thing to do is give it a good wash and conditioner, then apply some volumizer or some other product that gives a little more texture.

Some hairstyles will make your hair more beautiful after treatment with wet hair.


After washing, to form good clusters, many women use the modeler. Taking strands by strands of hair, you should start from the root to end twisting slowly toward the end of the hair.

Then, with a comb unite the various strands and ends to shape the waves.

Use hot rollers

One way is to tame your curls using hot rollers, which is ideal for waves in the hair. Once you set the hair, it eliminates the waves leaving her gorgeous hair.

Do not forget to first apply the sunscreen to your hair to reduce frizz and dry hair.


After washing and drying your hair, you can use the diffuser to give more shape and volume to your locks. It is also good to minimize frizz and a more natural movement of the hair.

Use Lake

After leaving your hair with natural waves, you'll want it to last all day. For this, we recommend some light lacquer ware, which will give your hair all the light you need, and more movement.


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