Thursday, 22 May 2014

Simple Tips to have a silky hair

Simple Tips to have a silky hair
Many women dream and have hair long, silky and perfect. Although it is very hard to keep the hair always healthy and in good condition.
If you have a damaged hair, frizzy and lifeless, so do not miss these tips for a silky, simple and easy to follow hair.

Healthy Diet

Eating nutritious foods is great for improving hair growth. Green vegetables, fish, milk and nuts are foods that are worth incorporating into your diet. These foods prevent hair loss , improves texture and appearance.
A healthy diet is essential to purify the blood and prevents dry hair and dandruff. Take 2 or 3 liters of water a day is also very important.

Use appropriate products

Invest in suitable products for hair and quality is the most important to keep it soft and silky.

Use natural products to help retain moisture in the hair, like coconut. Always look for products that moisturize and nourish the hair.

Massage with oil

Oil massage is a great treatment for long, soft, silky hair. It is also a great treatment for maintaining good skin and ensure the health of the hair. Select your favorite oil and apply from head to toe to rejuvenate the entire system.

The massage oil in the hair's natural oils stimulates the scalp, and thus increases the softness and shine of hair. It also increases the blood circulation in the scalp, helping in the growth of hair .

Use the comb

Combing the hair is a daily activity, and if you do it with care and dedication can help hair growth. Giving a slight pressure on the comb while you comb your hair, increase blood circulation, which stimulates hair growth .

Do not make use of the comb when your hair is damp or wet, because you can damage it. Do this twice a day and you will help spread the natural oil from the scalp to the tip preventing dry hair and split ends, leaving hair silky and shiny.

Treatment of cold water

Hot water can remove moisture from your hair. A useful technique is to wash your hair with cold water after applying the shampoo and conditioner, as a finishing touch.

This will help retain moisture and give hair a soft, silky look.

Deep conditioning

Just make use of conditioners on your hair is not enough. The best is to invest in products such as moisturizers, serum or use natural remedies. The key is to not let the hair dry because it only prevents hair grow.

Honey, lemon and vinegar are some natural ingredients that help condition the hair .

Trim the ends regularly

Trim the ends is essential for healthy hair growth. If you want to have long hair, be sure to cut it every 4 or 5 months to drive the length, quantity and quality of your hair.


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