Thursday, 22 May 2014

How to speed up hair growth

How to speed up hair growth
There are many reasons for wanting your hair grow rapidly, if you did a cut that did not please him, or you want to make a change in his style, at some point in our lives we all had the need for our hair grow faster than normal. With the following tips you will have many resources at hand to make your hair grow quickly and naturally.


There are several supplements that help improve our health, and the hair is benefited from some of these items because if you make use of these supplements daily helps your hair grow faster.

Definitely vitamins are important to our body and in the case of hair, vitamins A, E and B complex are essential for the maintenance of hair and give an impulse for growth. While it will not grow the way you want to overnight these vitamins help grow so healthy and strong.
Some girls say that consume algae helped in the mission to make your hair grow faster. However, if you want to try this option, you should first consult your family doctor, since some of these supplements can have side effects


Massaging the scalp strengthens circulation, which improves blood flow to the capillaries of the scalp and strengthens its role. This is a step that must be present to make your hair grow.

Cold water

Experts recommend washing your hair with cold water as this improves the quality of hair by closing the cuticles and also leaves it shiny. This tip helps in hair growth.


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