Thursday, 22 May 2014

5 Enemies of hair

5 Enemies of hair
Care for your hair is easy if you keep it away from things that are harmful to it. To accomplish this task, we at Your Skin Healthy present the Top 5 of the enemies of his hair. Let's see together what they are.

Hair Accessories

Cute hairstyles you can create with beautiful accessories that you own, but you should not forget is to use the recommended one to three times a week. The daily use of hair accessories, such as tails, buckles, clips, pins, etc.. can damage the hair cuticle.

In addition, you should be very careful when you put them in time and remove them to avoid damaging your hair.

Environmental Factors

The sun is one of the biggest enemies of the hair, but do not forget the wind, humidity and air dry.

If you're the type that spends a lot of time outdoors, consider making use of products for moisturizing the hair and remember to always use a protection when outdoors.

Unbalanced diet

To have a healthy hair, nice teeth? Groomed and nails and skin is necessary to lead a healthy lifestyle and a balanced diet that contains variety of nutrients.

If your diet is poor or focuses on fatty or processed foods?, And carbonated drinks, your hair will reveal the lack of vitamins and minerals revealing the lack of color and shine it needs.

Chemical injury

Today we use in almost all colors in our hair, and when they start to appear gray hair. Products containing chemicals (such as straightening or permanent) that alter the structure of the hair.

One way to avoid damage is that you do treatments in the hands of a professional , because then he knows the correct type of product to use in your hair.


Definitely heat is bad for your hair, but there are several options for you to continue to use. But why the heat is so bad? Each strand of hair is covered by a cuticle formed by scales perfectly ordered to protect his strength, color and protein.

The solution is to try to not use heat appliances, but if you can not help, use a heat protector before spray.


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