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You wear glasses and loves makeup? Contrary to what many people think, this combination need not be a problem. It is indeed possible to do a make up cute without the glasses negatively interfere!

For this, the Vital Portal gathered some tips for you to make allies of glasses of your beauty and do no wrong time to apply makeup. Check!

The frame


Before anything, we must choose the most suitable frame for your face type.
If you still do not know how, we teach on the subject: The right glasses for you .

Skin Silk

A well-prepared skin and a good foundation on the face are the first steps to get beautiful makeup.

Take your questions here on this stage:

The contrasting colors are occupying opposite positions, such as red and green.

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Choose the base for your makeup

Match the colors

To harmonize the glasses with the shadow or lipstick, use common sense and think about the image you want to go: Formal, Casual etc.. So watch this color table side and note which go together and which contrast each other.

  • Glasses + shadow : Choose the same color on the frame and on the eyelid can go wrong, except in the case of discrete colors such as brown, beige and pink tones lighter. A tip from the experts is to bet on contrasts. A thin line of eyeliner is also a good choice to highlight the region, especially for those who wear thicker frames. 
  • Glasses + Lipstick : opt for a blue frame and an orange lipstick makes makeup more delicate and cheerful. Have glasses and red lipstick in the same tone does not go well.
  • Glasses + blush : avoid scoring much to the cheek region not to let the heavy look. The ideal is to create a focus of attention (eyes, cheeks or mouth) and ensure a more harmonious aspect to the makeup.

Use some makeup tricks to enhance your eyes behind the lenses.

Caution for the lens!

Depending on the type of lens you use, the eyes may appear smaller or larger.

See tips:

  • If you use lenses that reduce eye size, bet on brightly colored frames. Book darker color to the outer corners, because this trick "open" look. If you want to spend a pencil, choose to make the outline on the outside of the base of the lashes, top and bottom. 
  • But if your lenses enhance your eyes and you want to "diminish them", bet on dark colors and apply the pencil inside.


Your eyelashes mask dirty lens? Then, run the products that lengthen the wires and opt for giving volume. So you highlight the look without the risk of having to be cleaning the lens at all times.

Finally, one last piece of advice: with or without glasses, eyebrow is essential to produce the makeup. So take good care of it and do not hide with the frame!


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