Sunday, 19 January 2014


Until recently, when heard of night creams, you'll soon think of products for the face, is not it? But now there are also specific cosmetics to retrieve the hair overnight! With them, you give a bath of hydration on the wires before you go to bed and wake up beautiful! The Night Reconstructor Treatment Keratinology by Silk, for example, has a lightweight formula, but highly efficient.
It works intensely for eight hours , providing in one night the amount of protein lost for a month! In other words, the product reconstructs the hair fiber while you sleep, so you wake up even more beautiful! Now that's having a beauty sleep, right? And if there are further questions about this type of cosmetic, prepare yourself. Now you can find all the answers on the subject, to conquer wires beautiful and healthy!
1. Why nocturnal treatments for hair are interesting?
Because with them, you save time and inclination: simply apply the cream and go to sleep. These cosmetics have a long time to act and moisturizing the strands, about 8 hours. "And during the day, hardly a woman have as much time available to devote to the care of the hair, is not it?" Says Lela Athanasio, hairdresser Crystal Hair Salon.
2. How the product works?
"It penetrates directly into the hair fiber, reconstituting it and sealing the cuticle," says the hairdresser.
3. For the cream works better at night?
Because he has a different formulation, rich in antioxidants and amino acids to regenerate itself overnight capillary structure. "Also, during the day, the hair suffers damage caused by stress, pollution, climate change and solar radiation, leaving it dull, weak and lifeless. But during the night, the wires are free from these attacks and can better absorb nutrients cream, recovering the beauty and health, "Lela says.
4. But it is necessary to wash your hair in the morning?
No. The product is fully absorbed by the wires soon after applied. Therefore, they do not amanhecem heavy or oily. Just brush them, as usual, and out beautiful to their commitments.
5. And the pillow is not stained and greasy?
No, because the cream quickly penetrates the hair fiber. Still, the ideal is not to overdo the amount.
6. Who has oily hair can use the product?
Yes How has the light texture, it does not leave the greasy strands. "Just apply the recommended amount on hair, wet or dry, along the length and ends. But avoid applying it near the root, "says Lela.
7. How is the hair the next morning?
Easy to comb, untangled, soft and shiny. Ie: wonderful!


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