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Able to alleviate dark circles from a sleepless night and camouflage blemishes, scars and pimples, this cosmetic is both an ally and at the hour of makeup! However, it takes careful when applying it! Otherwise, you run the risk of stressing that actually wanted to hide. Follow these tips from makeup artist Penelope Beolchi and stay with lisinha skin like porcelain.

Meet the textures
The concealer stick or pencil leaves a thicker coverage across the face and therefore does not provide a smooth and natural result. The liquid takes water in the formulation, usually has quick drying and is very discreet. However, as more fluid and has a smooth texture, can not fully cover the patches. Have creamy and hides imperfections and, as in your formula contains moisturizing, leaves skin softer and smoother.

5 Tips for Getting the Right Application!

1 - Set the tone: "At the time of purchase, test different shades to find the most similar to the color of their skin. So, you get a natural and understated effect. The best place to test the product is within the region of dark circles, to have a more accurate idea of the final effect. Look at yourself in a mirror in place with good lighting to get a good look at the result, "teaches Penelope.

2 - Do not go overboard : If your goal is to erase dark circles, apply a few dots in the lower eyelid cosmetic. Then, spread the product, starting from the outer corner towards the inner, giving light taps with his fingertips. Have to hide blemishes, pimples and spots, apply it only on site in a timely manner. Then disguise the color difference with the compact.

3 - Attention to wrinkles : "When fine lines begin to appear, it is best to choose a light and dry texture concealer. Look for products with anti-aging technology, because in addition to disguising the battered appearance, also treat the skin in the region and prevent new lines. Should be careful with shimmering colors that can enhance bags and puffiness under the eyes. Excess material at the time of application is another villain. 20% is better camouflage dark circles and not lose the common hide than 100% and achieve an artificial eye, "advises Penelope.

4 - Disguise the battered appearance beautifully : If your dark circles are deep, avoid very light concealer that, instead of hiding, highlights the problem. "The ideal is just disguise the darkened area with a product more orange or tan hue. That way, you avoid the "panda effect," ie, who makes more prominent under the lights of the flashes in the photographs, "says the makeup artist.

5 - Follow the order : the concealer should be applied after the base, and never before! Then apply the compact powder, leaving the color of the uniform face. Finally, to highlight your look, put a little illuminator to the inner corner of the eyes, spreading gently with your fingertips.


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