Sunday, 19 January 2014


In addition to the enamels, in its infinite color options, the nail stickers are also making greater success. And no wonder! They are practical to implement, and less than 10 minutes, you can leave your hands clean . Perfect for those moments of struggle, arises when an appointment last minute and you do not have time to run to the salon to pamper your nails. Not to wait for the glaze to dry. Just apply the adhesive and ready! "And there is an amazing variety of prints, very difficult to reproduce with brush and enamel," says manicurist Magdalene Queiroz.

The application is facĂ­lima: let the nails clean and well fuck them in the desired format. Then choose the size of suitable adhesive for each finger. Then position the sticker near the cuticle and press down to ensure the perfect grip and prevent the formation of bubbles between the adhesive and nails. Finally, trim the excess, both in length and in width, with the aid of an acrylic sandpaper. " The duration of stickers varies from 5 to 7 days , but may extend up to 10 days if you apply a layer of terminator or extrabrilho above background ", teaches Magdalene. To remove, simply lift one end of the adhesive and pull up to remove it completely nails. However, if using the closing basis, pass before varnish remover.

Choose a picture of your sticker nail and bump!

There are several patterns to suit all tastes and styles: flower designs, polka dots, plaid and stripes supercoloridas, pets, animal print with glitter ... A more beautiful than the other option! "And if you want a surprising result, try an adhesive with very bright color or colored stone in just one nail on each hand, leaving it as" only child ". It is a charm! You can also cut the stickers with scissors and apply them as Frenchie. But, in these situations, remember to put a layer of extrabrilho or terminator base on top, "guides the manicure.
Sounds good? The nail stickers are easily found at pharmacies and beauty products stores. Choose your own!


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