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How to remove acne scars

How to remove acne scars
Those people who had acne scars probably have a greater or lesser degree, depending on the care you have with your skin. These acne scars bother much, but what many do not know is that there are super easy ways to eliminate them. Check out some tips for this.

Natural remedies for acne scars

The most effective way to remove acne scars are natural shades. You can make a paste of sandalwood and rose water, apply and leave on your face for about an hour. After rinsing.
To improve the texture of skin, you can use olive oil, just apply it on the scars. And if you want something a little more refreshing, you opt for cucumber slices, or you can also apply cucumber juice on your skin.

An excellent choice, although you should be careful, ice cubes are:

On a piece of cloth, put some ice cubes and leave on the scar for 15 minutes. Be careful, because the extreme cold can burn the skin.

Lemon juice is also a great choice, but it can also cause problems if you expose yourself to the sun with it applied on your skin, or if your skin is very sensitive to their acids. Leave for a few minutes and then rinse with water. After treatment you should use a sunscreen.

The aloe vera is a natural remedy super, besides being a great ally to eliminate acne and its scars also moisturizes the skin very effectively.

The apple cider vinegar has mild exfoliating properties that help improve the appearance of skin by removing dead skin cells. It also has antiseptic properties. If you find it too strong, you can dilute in water.

Other tips

Firstly, to avoid the reappearance of acne and improve the appearance of your skin, take care of your diet. What you eat reflects on your skin immediately, a diet healthy makes your body stronger to fight various problems such as inflammation, infection and other problems.

Also, if you are woman and usesmakeup constantly try to use an organic makeup, because the makeup common cause negative effects on your skin. In the market there are different types: liquid, powder and cream .

Use a good sunscreen gel: Prevents skin becomes more inflamed and prevents discoloration caused by the sun.

Look washing his face 2 to 3 times a day. Washing your face too much can affect the skin.

Do not use products that have oil in its composition.

Choose a soap that reduces oiliness without over drying the skin, the more the soap dries the skin, the skin produces more fat.

Never forget to remove makeup. The products can clog pores and create pimples.

Take care with the facial. Although much help, cleaning should not be done when the pimples are at the peak of inflammation when poke them can worsen the situation further.

Increase consumption of vegetables, dark green color. Broccoli, kale, arugula, spinach and others are ideal as they are rich in vitamin A, which reduces the production of sebum.

Abuse of water, juices and teas: Hydration is crucial to the balance of metabolism, and reduce inflammatory processes like acne.

Avoid fatty foods: This type of food helps to further inflame the skin and eventually allowing the onset of severe acne.

Use secativos products when some acne appears because the secativo can help decrease the inflammation and pain of acne.


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