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7 things you should know about acne

7 things you should know about acne
The acne affects both men and women , and it depends not only on age, although it is more likely to be during puberty, often affects us in adulthood. If you have this problem do not be alarmed, because here we will tell you what are the7 things you should know about acne.

Desinflama your skin

Before applying any topical treatment to remove traces of acne on your face, it is necessary that desinflame area for thecream have a result better. For this, a good solution is to apply ice to the area you wish to treat.

Use natural treatments

Currently, there are many natural treatments which are highly effective and are available for all types of skin suffering from acne. In particular, there is seaweed called microalgae Porphyridium containing a large amount of essential fatty acids, vitamin B and vitamin C, which combined with zinc helps to regulate fat production responsible forappearance of acne , moisturizing and protecting the affected area.

Is not your fault

Acne is a disease that can happen to anyone. While some are more likely to suffer it always appears because of genetics. This means that one or both of your parents suffered at some time in their lives.

It is best to avoid over cleaning

Yes, as you just read. It is best to avoid cleaning your skin excessively, or using exfoliating cleansers that damage the skin will only aggravate the problem, because your skin will ignite.

Not all products you buy will work

Ever, when the bones start appearing on the face, the first thing you probably do or will do is go to a pharmacy and buy some of these products claim to be considered infallible television. However, these cosmetics are not formulated for any type of skin, therefore, may not work. If you use any of these products for 12 weeks and the result is not expected, do not hesitate to go to a dermatologist to advise you about the best treatment for your skin type.

Myths about Acne

There are different myths and beliefs that are associated with acne are true wastes of time. Things like poor hygiene, sexual intercourse and masturbation are not the cause of the appearance of acne.

Say no to miracle cures

Magical drugs that remove pimples face in a blink of an eye are not known yet. Any treatment you get may take several weeks to achieve the desired result.


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