Friday, 15 August 2014

Why use bentonite clay on your skin?

Why use bentonite clay on your skin?
When we speak of cosmetics naturalWe are faced with a lot of options in the main stores that offer us many benefits to take care of our face. In this particular case, we are talking specifically about thebentonite clay and the advantages and features may be used daily manner. So if you ever thought of take home as treatment, today we told you that the positive mask .

Bentonite Clay: Nature at the service of your skin

The bentonite clay comes from the ashes of the volcano, and inside there is a large amount of minerals that, when used on the skin, make you feel hydrated, nourished and rejuvenated. But this is just the base in the world of cosmetics, because this element provides many other things that you will tell you the following.

Benefits of bentonite clay

- Hydration Deep: The bentonite clay has so many minerals that act differently when applied to the skin, we get a deeper hydration than that achieved with othercreams and other types of compounds.
- More vital Skin: The elements found within the bentonite clay cause the skin to improve circulation. This means that we will have an improvement that can be noticed within our body, but also outside.

- Disposal: The bentonite clay also allows us to do thorough cleaning of the skin, and this causes our skin is always clean, healthy and with much less imperfections.

- Acne treatment: The bentonite clay is essential for the treatment of infections, such as acne, so there are creams based bentonite clay for this purpose, it is increasingly common to find you between components.


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