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Foods to treat skin blemishes, you can?

Foods to treat skin blemishes, you can?
The parsley and carrots are recommended to whiten skin blemishes . The skin undergoes many attacks which lead to changes in their coloring in different ways, such as freckles, moles or grains: some modifications that concern many people, these spots are aesthetically unpleasant. So let us introduce you to some foods to remove skin blemishes .

Why are there spots on the skin?

Most stains are not in themselves a problem of a medical nature, but aesthetic. In an era where beauty not only with respect to the care ofwomen , the appearance of these spots, especially on the face, is a matter of obvious concern.

There are signs that indicate a hormonal cause, in particular due to a significant increase in the rate of estrogens. Consequently, most people with these problems are women, particularly during pregnancy that is exposed to an explosion of hormones.

Herbal medicine and treatment with vegetables

Treatments at base of plants directly relatedCare SkinAre often used to eliminate the so-called "coffee stains" of skin that has brown color. For this, we use various plants and vegetables such as carrots, parsley and dandelion.

The parsley and lemon are excellent alternatives to lighten skin naturally. Other plants, such as dandelion act particularly effective way to eliminate freckles.

The carrot is a case apart. Its action focuses on the treatment of skin infections such as eczema, burns and other skin wounds. Your application obtains very good results, acting as a protective barrier against the destructive action of UV rays. Today, most sunscreens contain extracts of carrot, for the same reason; and if we take into account that the sun can also stain your skin, it makes sense to use it.


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