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5 uses of aloe vera to keep your skin

5 uses of aloe vera to keep your skin
The aloe vera plant is one of the most used for beauty since antiquity.

It is known that Cleopatra resorted to it often and the doctors of the year 1050 BC described it as a product of healing, since its composition has more than 140 active ingredients that make it useful for internal and external bodily problems.

It is a natural skin moisturizer

If you notice that your skin is too dry, your best option is thealoe vera cream or gel. With applications you will start to notice how the appearance of your skin will stay fresh and soft as well as being an effective and very economical option as well.

Helps prevent stretch marks

This unpleasantness can be significantly improved with the application of this plant, because it provides elasticity and firmness to nourish the skin.

Regenerates skin tissue

It is known for this powerful capability that stimulates and strengthens the collagen fibers and elastin, helping to slow the aging of skin, reduce wrinkles and prevent the appearance of acne on the face.

Fighting acne

The aloe vera has antibacterial properties that make it the best natural way to fight unsightly acne ingredient . It also works to reduce skin irritation and inflammation, blisters, scars and all signs of acne as well as those caused by sunburn.

Now that you know some of the benefits this powerful plant, we invite you to make a simple gel that will be very useful to take home , because it can moisturize the skin, clean wounds, relieve burns and other diseases that may appear.

Aloe vera gel


- A handful of leaves of aloe vera.
- Half liter of virgin olive oil.
- 1 liter bottle for half or more.


Cut into very small pieces the leaves of aloe vera (first cutting edges that pierce) and put them into the bottle. Add olive oil, close and leave for six weeks. After this time, the oil pressure to remove sheets and store into the bottle, preferably with a screw cap or seal.

If you apply the gel to beautify the skin, place it in the desired area twice a week, preferably after bathing. If you use it to treat acne problems use it on the affected area twice daily (morning and evening) area.


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