Sunday, 6 July 2014

Teens: 6 Common Mistakes Makeup

Teens: 6 Common Mistakes Makeup
In the passage from childhood to youth, teens start to make up. Between the desire to look younger, and lack of practice in the art of makeup, so for this reason we want to tell you what are the common mistakes that young people make. Want to know which are the most common mistakes that teenagers make when they use makeup ?.


One of the most common makeup mistakes in adolescents is fail color combination. From the base of the makeup, eye shadow or lipstick can make your makeup stay too evident.

Base Makeup

The base makeup is the product that we make mistakes and this is common among teenagers. Teenagers often apply a very thick coat, and tend to not mix properly. Youthful skin does not need much makeup because no wrinkles or many imperfections to be hidden.

Using broker Way Exaggerated

The broker exaggerated form, instead of hiding or hide imperfections, often have the opposite effect and ends up calling attention too. Ideally look for broker that matches the natural skin tone and apply it gently with a small brush .

Very Thick Eyeliner

It's normal to experiment with makeup as a teenager, but it is also very common to use eyeliner black around the eyes, making them look very small. Better try other colors, or a lighter line.

Excess Mascara

The mask of mascara is best to improve the contrast of the eyes, but a common misconception among teens is not separate properly. To avoid this, you just need to avoid the overuse of makeup brush.

Use Lip Liner Other

Another common mistake in teenagers when using a lot of makeup is to use an exaggerated manner the liner lips . The color of the lip liner should not be too strong. But the best is to use a natural color, or just a glow.


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