Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Benefits and uses of rosemary essential oil

Benefits and uses of rosemary essential oil
The use of plants and oils treatments beauty are increasingly common. We took advantage of the natural properties of plants, thus exposing us to avoid creams that contain elements and essences of these plants, but in the end, with so many components, these products end up being nothing natural, and may even contain a chemical that natural products do not have, then it is best to use what nature provides without doubt.
In this case, we know the power of rosemary essential oil. Rosemary has many properties and can be used in many treatments. So now, you will see the benefits and uses of rosemary essential oil .

Healing, revitalizes and regenerates

Widely used to heal wounds, in addition, rosemary essential oil can also be used to remove scarring .
Benefits and uses of rosemary essential oil
Use a bit before applying a cream moisturizer daily and this will helpregenerating cells just after a bath, scrub or after cleansing the face.

It is an excellent tonic

We can use rosemary oil as a tonic , it stimulates the body, skin and cells.

Fights wrinkles

You can use rosemary essential oil as a mask to combat wrinkles , reaffirm the skin and prevent the appearance of more wrinkles .

Fighting cellulite

The rosemary oil helps to combat cellulite . Helps drain the fat accumulated in unsuitable areas, leaving much less apparent cellulite.

It is very beneficial for hair

The rosemary essential oil is useful as a mask to prevent the loss of hair and dandruff. It has properties that help to eliminate dandruff and nourish the hair follicles to prevent hair loss.


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