Thursday, 17 April 2014

Foods That Fight Acne

Foods That Fight Acne
Acne is intruding in every way. It is not just a skin problem that can generate irritation, but low self-esteem and makes the desire to leave.
In the treatment of acne is essential to take good care of the skin , using quality products and always keep the routine. However, you can also improve acne through your diet. Here are some foods that help fight acne .

Green vegetables:

Green vegetables are recommended to improve digestion and health in general. It is also useful foreliminate acne . Thus, incorporating green vegetables like spinach, lettuce or cabbage to prevent and eliminate acne and maintain a diet healthy .


The cucumber has ingredients such as water, vitamin A, vitamin C, and amino acids that help solve your acne problems. But in addition to incorporate into your diet, you can use it for sore eyes as part of a treatment for beauty .


Add garlic to your diet is a great way to eliminate acne and pimples . This is because garlic has antibacterial properties that help your skin and give it a better immunity against infections. It also adds a touch of flavor to your meals.


If you like fruit then tries to pick watermelon next time you go to shop . Watermelon helps reduce acne problems. Hydrates the skin and has a combination of vitamin C, B6 and A that help keep your skin free of acne.


Lemon is another great food to improve acne. The citric acid in the lemon helps to eliminate acne. Apply lemon juice directly on the area and noticed how they slowly as it will cause the scar acn and decrease.


Tomatoes are an excellent source of vitamin C and also contain bioflavonoids which help the skin when it is wounded and scarred. Tomatoes for their help prevent acne .

Olive oil:

It is recommended that you replace the sunflower oil for olive oil. Not only is absorbed faster, but allows the skin pores to breathe, thus preventing the formation of pimples.

While creams and appropriate treatments are needed to protect your skin and eliminate acne , it is also advisable that you incorporate these foods into your diet, because it will not only help with acne, but are part of healthy and worthwhile form of your daily diet.


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